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Navy Blvd Animal Hospital

Address: 3835 W Navy Blvd
Zip: 32507
Phone: 850-455-1349

Review Count: 24
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Dr. Armani and Dr. O'Connor are incredibly compassionate and all of their staff undoubtedly share their love for animals. I have used Navy Blvd. since I was a kid and it has gone through several changing of the guards but I have NEVER been disappointed. They are wonderful.

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I've been going to navy bld. Animal hospital for about a year now. My dog was extremely sick with congestive heart failure and seizures. With Dr. Armani's care my dog is in the best health possible to be nine and his condition. The staff is always considerate and caring. They have taken the time to comfort me through the difficult times of my dogs illness. It can be extremely difficult to deal with passing out and seizures. I can tell they truly care about animals. I will continue my dogs care at navy blvd and any other pet I may get. I highly recommend the clinic for all your pets needs. They are affordable and truly love animals it shows guys! Thanks for all you do for moochie and I.

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donna wood
Dr.Armani is the most caring and loving vet that my family and I have ever had contact with. I can't say enough about the care and compassion he has shown my animals (and me). I TAKE every opportunity to stress to people what a great clinic this is.

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After a week of coming to terms with the fact that my 19-year-old dog I had had since I was six needed to be euthanized, I brought her to Navy Blvd. Animal Hospital. I am so thankful that I brought her to them. As strange as it sounds, they made such an awful event into a wonderfully touching experience.

They allowed me to bring her ten minutes before they were to close and stayed a half hour later than they would have to help us. Still, they treated us with kindness and were constantly offering time before and after the procedure for us to be alone together.

I wanted to be with her when she was put down. In the time I was alone with her and they were preparing, each staff member, including the doctor, took the time to separately explain the process and prepare me of the natural reactions she would have in response to being put down. They even offered to take the time to bring her to another room in case I did not want to see her shaved or inserted with the catheter.

Everyone that examined and dealt with Jenny talked to her and treated her as if she were a pet that they were going to be treating in the future, even though her cognitive functioning had declined to the point that she did not recognize me. Dr. Armani explained to me that, in her condition, putting Jenny down was a form of treatment.

When the time came, he excused the technicians and walked me through every step he took. As had been warned, she did do some heavy breathing in the last seconds and he rubbed her head as she passed. After checking her heart beat, he nodded to let me know she had gone and let me have some silent time as he removed the catheter. He actually bandaged her, too. Before he left, he even explained to me that her symptoms pointed to kidney failure. A diagnosis was the last thing I expected and was just one of the many ways they helped me feel comfortable with the difficult decision I had made.

I wanted to bring her home for burial and the technician not only placed her in the box for me, but even took the time to neatly position her so that my family was also able to see her before burial. She then carried her to my vehicle.

At the end of the week, I was surprised to find a condolence card signed by the entire staff in my mail. I cried a lot with her death, but I have also cried thinking and talking about how kind and thoughtful everyone was. I cannot imagine having brought her anywhere else. Having their help made such a positive impact how I handled and recovered from everything.

To be honest, they had a far better bedside manner than any human-treating medical staff I have ever encountered. I didn't get even a tenth of the kindness or quality of care when my grandfather was taken off life support.

I would recommend them to anyone. Obviously I won't be requiring veterinary services in the near future, but I wouldn't consider anyone else when the time comes.

I see that a few people have written here that they thought their prices were higher than others'. However, if that is the case, I believe that the kindness and professional care they provide have no monetary equal. The price I paid was no different than anywhere else. I was even given a military discount.

It is obvious that only the best are hired and everyone there has not only a passion for animals, but for their clients.

Even if you don't want to switch locations, if ever the time comes when you have to put a pet down, please do yourself a favor and have the procedure carried out at the Navy Blvd. Animal Hospital. They are a group of wonderful people who go far beyond what even your own doctor would do. Most of all, your pet deserves the care that they give even at an inconvenience to themselves.

Thank you all for everything. I couldn't ever repay you for the impact you had on me throughout this time. You provided Jenny a dignified passing and the answers I needed to get through the trauma and accept not having her here anymore. You provided more than I thought possible.

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Rand Hicks
My first visit to the Navy Boulevard Animal Hospital (Saturday, the 8th of January, at 11 o’clock!) was a great experience, and Dr. Armani is amazing.

I felt at home the moment I entered the building. Or should I say “we,” because Dr. Armani was totally engaging and compassionate towards my wounded cat, Khan, who’d been in a sideways scuffle somewhere. That clawy confrontation left Khan with a rapidly developing abscess, hence our first visit to this facility.

Well, the “great warrior” Khan is usually intimidated by any vet. But he looked at Dr. Armani, felt his hands on him, began purring, and then complied with every request made of him. And Dr. Armani’s expertise was immediately visible: he’d hardly touched Khan before he quietly told me with his soft smile that our boy had a heart murmur, possibly stress-induced from the ride over, and that he plans to keep an eye on it. He then smoothly treated the abscess — without objection from Khan! — and gave me appropriate cat care instructions. Well, our boy was home in minutes to resume his endless investigations and patrol the grounds alongside his brothers.

Believe me. I’ve been to other vets, and what I found here is dramatically different. Everyone from the doctor to the administrator is distinguished by their friendliness and efficiency. And yes, the whole feline part of my family is joining the fraternity at the Navy Boulevard Animal Hospital.

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Well plain out with it I’ve never seen a vet try to rip me off for so much money, do they even care about our pets? So I call and ask how much it would be for my toy yorkies vaccines and the heart health prevention, I was told $105.00 which seemed reasonable. However my baby had a small upset belly as he ate some raw beef that dropped on the floor the night before. At the vet I explained my dog had got sick one time that morning and why. Bamb they saw dollar signs they take my dog out and come back in with a piece of paper quoting me an estimate only of $230.00. I ask what’s going on and was told that unless I give my dog all of these other treatments for the belly ache including iv fluids that the vet would not give him his vaccines.

We left aggregated, but my pet was fine I couldn’t understand why they wanted $120.00 more then what I was told. After being home 6 hours with my pet and no sickness from him at all jumping around acting like the crazy dog he is. Nave B vet calls and goes on to tell me that we walked out without paying for the pyshcail. WHAT! You did nothing to my pet at all you looked at him for 5 seconds. I asked again why they would not just give my dog his shots and she said to me, "The vet did not want to give them to him because of the vomiting and drooling the dog was doing in the office". WHAT! lol this is what your vet wrote in the record to justify why she wanted 250.00 dollars. Fact is they would of never even know of my pets belly ache but the fact that I told them. My pet never showed one sign of being ill in the vets office.

Bottom line they are schemers. I remember going there young myself and prices and staff couldn’t be beat. Hell even a lady working there I won’t say names advised me to get out of there and go get some pepto for my dog as that’s all they wanted to give him and charge me a leg for it. Today my pets great and I went to Brans feed store and bought the shots he needed for $5.75 and gave my self. I took my pet and got his heart prevention and paid next to nothing for it. Lesson is even if they give you a price on the phone don’t believe it. As they give you a low price to get you in there. They better bring their check book is what there laughing as you hang up with them

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It is absolutely unprofessional for employees of a business to post ranting replies to a review that an unsatisfied customer wrote.

This site is for customer reviews. How arrogant of you all to rate your own business as 5 stars when clearly CUSTOMER reviews state otherwise.

This is not what the "younger pet owning demographic" is looking for.

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I left Navy Blvd. Animal Hospital in July. Their doctors are wonderful and caring. Their staff is very nice and pleasant.

I left because of greed. They were charging me $3.00 per pill that my cat needed. I could get the exact same medicine at Wal-Mart for $4.00 for 30 pills! They refused to call in the prescription unless I paid them $7.50!! Needless to say I took my cat to another vet the very same day and am very pleased. No charge to call in a prescription, no charge to trim my cats claws, no charge for re-checks ( I have taken my cat back 3 times-no charge). The doctor is very caring and has spent around 30 minutes with my cat each time I have brought him in. AGAIN, NO CHARGE AT ALL SINCE THE INITIAL VISIT. In short, the quality of the doctor's care is just as good as Navy Blvd. Animal Hospital.

I understand a business has to make money. The only way to make money is to watch your expenses and, most importantly, treat your customers fairly in all ways. Otherwise, you'll run your customers off and then you won't be in business anymore.

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I thought this site was for reviews from people who have taken their pets there. There seems to be more "Emploee Defence" than anything. I am unimpressed and will continue my search for a vet in Pensacola.

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T.C. :

I am sorry you felt harassed. We do not harass people. When a client chooses to leave us for one reason or another we just try to make contact with them so that we can get a reason for the leaving. We do this to improve our quality of service to make sure there is not something that we need to do differently. We do this by calling the client. If they do not respond we call again and we stop there.

We do not do unnecessary treatments and I would love the opportunity to explain why we may have had to do something. This again is a business and a new business with new overheads cannot survive by providing discounted or free treatments. I have been in a hospital that was sold because it was failing because the owners were too giving. They had to take out a second mortgage to keep the hospital afloat to keep its employees in jobs. Although this is a very nice gesture, these Dr.’s are now not able to retire and are way passed retirement age. I also know of two other Dr.’s in the same boat. It is just not good business sense and I am sure Dr. Corbin and her husband do not want to be doing this in their 70’s and 80’s. I know I don’t.

As for keeping employees go. I have been here from the beginning and plan stay here until retirement. We actually have a very good core group of people who are very happy here and will stay here for the long haul and have been here for some time. There are always going to be people who come and go with any clinic. It is a high turnover business. The goal is to get a good core group, which we now have.

I understand you were employed with the other Dr.’s and that you were very attached and things changed. I am sorry you were not able to adapt to the changes but sometimes things just don’t work out. Not everyone is meant to work together. I also know when you are used to doing things one way it can be hard to change to a new way. It was however, the Corbin’s prerogative to make changes.

As for the Price differences: Again, I argue Quality of Medicine. Not only is the Quality of our DR. very progressive but I can say from a technician stand point, when I started here the quality of technician’s that were employed here were not highly skilled. These technician’s were being allowed to perform dentals, without charting the teeth, and without proper training. We have had to repeat many dentals sooner then they should have needed to be repeated do to poor polishing. Our current technician’s are highly skilled and very well educated in the field and the jobs they perform. Our technician's have also been doing this at least 15 years or more. Many of the technician's here before were not even properly trained in monitoring anesthesia and that became very apparent when I taught our first anesthesia class.

The Corbin's are all about education and in order for them to keep the staff well educated it takes alot of time and finances. But given the choice I would rather have my pet being handled by someone very knowledgeable then not.

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Mr. Jenkins:

I was not able to find you in our system as a client however, I would like to address your concerns. As for the staff changes, there have been a lot of staff changes. That happens any time a business gets a new owner. Sometimes things are just not a good match for either party. I have experienced this at 2 other clinics I have been at that have had a change in ownership. I can tell you that any decisions to end employment were not taken lightly but the Corbins have to do what is best for their business. Any business owner knows this to be true. There were many changes made in the way we do things because Dr. Corbin is a different kind of practitioner then the Dr.’s of the past. For instance she is not the kind of Dr. that wants to give steroids to every itchy patient through the door, because it causes serious long term side effects such as Cushing’s Disease, Addison’s Disease, and Diabetes as well as being seriously taxing on the organs. A lot of our clients were used to getting that monthly itch shot. Just because one Dr. practices one type of medicine does not mean it is good medicine. The problem is that clients have not been to medical school and don’t know the difference between what people in this field now call “Old Medicine” Vs. what we call “Progressive Medicine”. Progressive medicine has come about through research and trial and error.

I worked at one practice that had been bought out by a progressive Dr. and the previous owners were Dr.’s that provided Steroid Itch shots. During the time I was there they (the previous Dr.’s) were finally getting to see the results of their long term steroid use and they were horrified at what they had done to so many of their patients. Did they do anything wrong? NO, they were practicing according to the standard of their teachings at the time. As time goes on Medicine will continue to change and evolve. Dr. Corbin happens to be from the “New School” of medicine based on the teachings for today.

Without continuing education (which some Dr.’s do not participate in) there is no way for a Dr. to know what the new trends are. Dr. Corbin spends a lot of time on continuing education and has changed some of her style of practice with certain treatments in the year I have known her. As for this comment: “They provide the same service as any other vet in town, but charge 10 times more for the same thing” I can guarantee we do things here that other practices do not do, especially with regard to our Surgical protocol’s. For our Surgery patients we provide: Circulating water blanket, fluid warmer, ECG, Pulse Oximeter, Electronic Temperature Probe, Respiratory Monitor, Esophageal Stethescope, Heat pads in the cages for recovery, we have a technician with that patient from the beginning of anesthetic induction until they are in recovery and their temperature has returned to normal. We provide progressive pain control using some of the best pain control agents on the market. Pain control is very important because “ANIMALS DO EXPERIENCE PAIN” and the old beliefs are that animals don’t need pain control. We also offer IV catheter and fluids, Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork, Pre-Anesthetic ECG and Pre-Anesthetic Radiographs to help us maximize the safety of our patients under anesthesia. I am sorry that you feel the way but I can assure you that we do not provide the same service as any other vet in town.

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Our prices are not inflated, they are competitive with veterinarians that provide the kind of services that we do. In fact we work with other veterinarians in our area and do price comparisons to ensure that we are competitive. Our prices are also set 3 years below the benchmarks and the AAHA standards for our area. I know it may be hard for a client to understand but there is a distinct difference in the kind of quality of care that is provided from one clinic to the next. I can say (after coming from California, where QUALITY CARE is required and very standard practice) that many veterinarians here do not practice the same way. Before I moved here I sent my resume’ to almost every hospital here and once I arrived I interviewed at ¾'s of them and I only found 4 hospitals here that practice medicine the way I would want it practiced on my own animals. As for our sign, it is an investment that pays for itself and coffee and toys have nothing to do with our price increases and if you feel our toys are overpriced, we are not forcing anyone to buy them, we are simply trying to offer our clients as much in one place as we can.

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I am the Technician Manager at Navy Blvd. Animal Hospital and wanted an opportunity to respond to some of these ratings.


As for the price increases: There have been price increases but justifiably so. When I started here one month after the Corbin's purchased the practice, many of the prices did not cover the cost of the treatment in supplies or cover the cost on inventory items. The prices had to be increased to cover the costs. There was an old (antique) anesthetic machine that was still being used. It had many leaks and was not safe for the pets or the employees. We had our machines inspected shortly after they bought the practice and it would not pass inspection and we were told by the inspector to "Send it to the Smithsonian". We got rid of this machine immediately and had to replace it with a new machine. There were many other investments like this that they had to incur. None of these things were expected. They thought they were purchasing a perfectly functional hospital. Most of these problems came because the previous staff was either not trained properly on equipment care or just didn't care to take care of the equipment.

In response to other Dr.'s not charging for rechecks. Our Dr.'s are worth being paid for their time. That is what they spent $200,000 + on Vet. School for. I can say that I have never worked for a veterinarian that didn't charge for rechecks but I am very particular about who I work for and will only work for progressive veterinarians that provide quality care. Providing quality care takes a lot more time then not, which is why some veterinarians may not charge for certain services.

I can assure you that the Dr's here are very much about taking care of their patients but at the same time this is a business and this business will not survive if they give away their services. The overhead to run this facility is huge and they want to be successful and want to provide quality care to the patients that come here. This hospital used to be about high volume. High volume equals minimal care. Dr. Corbin would much rather provide quality care so she can ensure her patients are getting individual focus. You can not provide this kind of care in a high volume clinic.

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I am currently battling a fatal disease with my dog Max. I have been seeing Dr Corbin and Dr Hoffman for his care. They have been WONDERFUL!! The are very compassionate with me and my dog. Dr Corbin gave Max a BIG hug the last time he was in! This means SOOOO much to me. They ACTUALLY care about my dog and are not out to get me with cost. I would recommend that anyone take their pet to see Dr Corbin and Dr Hoffman at Navy Boulevard Animal Hospital for all their pet care needs.

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I absolutely love Dr. Corbin. She is so informative and I love the access I get now through their website. For anyone reading these reviews I would suggest you visit the website and read the client reviews on there. I was even able to fill Patches meds on the online store.

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My dog could have died today and thanks to the caring and knowledgeable Dr.'s and staff at Navy Blvd Animal Hospital he is at home laying on the floor beneath me as I type this. He ate some yard debris that had just had lighter fluid poured on it. One of the Dr's came back from her lunch to care for him and the staff stopped what they were doing for him. He got the best care possible and I am just very glad to have him home. I felt the cost was more than reasonable for his care.

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Sara Jameson
The prices are insane. I will never take my dog there again.

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T. C.
I had been going to Navy Blvd Vet since I was 11 years old and always received exceptional care. I used to do a lot of fostering and Dr. O, Dr.U and Dr.F were great in caring for these animals and helping me be able to financially do so. I have also been employed with all of these Dr. They all possessed what every vet should. They hung on to the oath they took. They did not turn their back on those in need that may had fallen on hard times.....They never took advantage of them by giving unnecessary treatments. Since the Corbins purchased the clinic, compassion left the building. It's now all about how much money they rape someone for, to include performing unnecessary treatments. They can't even keep regular employees. Hey, this is not Mcd's. How do they go home and sleep at night? I recently was submitted one of their bills from a friend of mine, to compare with mine from my own vet. For all the same treatments. Navy Blvd was over 900.00, mine was 296.00. So, anyone wanting to dispute unfair prices....it's in the proof.

It is sad as Navy Blvd vet was always known for the compassion and fairness and for the way the Dr.'s went out of their way to comfort those with sick pets and to help those short on money. And look what it has become now! It's a real shame.

Pets aren't just a luxury...They are a part of our families!!!!!!!!! And we don't just get rid of a family member when we fall on hard times. There are many sincere and generous vets still out there...I know as I have one of the best for my pets. I would never in a life time use the services of Navy Blvd. Animal hospital again!

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I would have to agree with the majority of the comments about the dramatic increase in prices and the bad service. What is really bad is when I went to another vet, the old clinic kept hassling me about why I left before they would give my current vet my animals's simple vaccine history. It is my prerogative to change veterinarians, and they have no right badgering me on my decision. Get a clue on why people are leaving you!

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Harold Jenkins
Every time I go in there, the staff is all new. No one knows what they are doing. I am treated like a dollar sign, not a person. I can't afford to take my cat there anymore. They provide the same service as any other vet in town, but charge 10 times more for the same thing. I gave these new people several chances, and they let me down each time. They need to get rid of the coffee & toys & not rape their customers.

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I do agree that the prices have gone up but I have to say that so has the quality of medical care. I have a dog that has severe allergies and had no idea that steroids were bad and the long term problems that they could create. The new Dr.'s here are no longer just wanting to give my baby steroid injections. She has had so many over the years now from before that I am very worried about her health. We allergy tested her instead and no she is better than she has ever been. I don't mind paying the little extra for this kind of care.

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I too have experienced that price increase. I spend no less than 150 dollars each vet visit. For ten years I have enjoyed and appreciated the warmth and family atmosphere at Navy Blvd Animal hospital but I no longer do. It seems as if profit is number one. Why are the prices so inflated? Could it be the ridiculous sign out front, the overpriced pet toys, the coffee in the waiting room or sheer greed? Speaking of waiting rooms, the LAST time I went I waited an hour. I have since found a new vet and he is wonderful and reasonable. Honestly, it is understandable that you must make money but valued customers, especially seniors, that have been coming for years will not be able to afford your prices. Consider a price decrease.....Or lose more business.

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Since being bought by new owners this place is ridiculous. The staff is great and kind! but the prices are outrages, prices jumped up close to 50 dollars from before. I would think the doctors would care about treating your pet. But they charge for every little thing. At my previous vet and a couple of other Veterinarian office never charge for recheck even if seen by a doctor. But unfortunately this place does. every little thing! I took my pets here for 12 years! Now I have to find a new vet, my whole paycheck is gone going to this place now. You would think in these economic hard times they would give a little leeway on exam fee or something minor. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this situation.

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Rob H
The vets at this facility are excellent! Dr Harper and the staff are kind, caring, and the epitome of professionalism. Recently our JR Terrier had Parvo and they successfully treated him. He is in the peak of health again. Vet care can be very expensive, yet Navy Blvd anim Hosp is very reasonable. We have been taking our pets there for the last 17 years and will be going there for many more.

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