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Eastwood Animal Clinic

Address: 4678 Crestwood Blvd
Zip: 35210
Phone: 205-956-4555

Review Count: 7
User Rating:
(3.29 average)

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stephanie engle
STAFF: Exceedingly rude, tired, disgruntled. They do not care about other's time constraints.

APPT: The waiting period is ALWAYS VERY LONG - 75 min. to 120 min. PAST the designated appointment time. Perhaps there is no vet-tech - just Dr. Weber who is OVERbooked every day.

CONDITIONS: Foul smell upon entering the clinic. The clinic is dated, supplies are stacked in the halls, in some exam rooms, etc. Other exam rooms are littered with bottles and surgical tools that cover the counter tops.

EXPERIENCE: dog left facility: 7 lb wt. loss; (underwt. to begin with); constipated; infection at surgical site; fever; and no answers to any of my questions!

Weber is always "in surgery." Communication is impossible - no fax, email, phone, etc. Staff took my hand written notes but I never got any reply.

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Animal lover
There is no excuse for disrespect to the owner of an animal. Knowing the disease my puppies have knowing how contagious it is telling the owner no you will spread the disease when the worker (in street closes) held my puppies close to her body to take them to isolation and get iv started. she is the spreader because she is the one that will not change her clothes. The smart thing would have been to wear a lab coat and then take it off. I have never been so disrespected as I was at that office.

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Carlissa Wahl
I always trusted Doc. with my pets, but when King was really bad and I finally came to the choice to let him go on over the bridge, I took him to Doc Weber and he would not get close to King, told me that if he was still walking, take him home. He would not even get close to check him out. King had a really bad odor also and I was needing to know what was wrong. 2+/- mo. later, his kidneys shut down and I had to wait on a vet to get in from church to take care of King. That vet told me his kidneys had been going out and the other doc should have known by the smell.

Doc. Weber needs to hand up his hat. His care has diminished. I will not take another pet to him.

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Vivian Bonventre
Dr. Weber has been my pets' vet for over 10 years. He is a no nonsense vet. The animals are his priority. Nine years ago I adopted two kittens, a brother and sister. When they were three the female, Lily was found to have a kidney disorder. Thanks to Dr. Weber and his staff, they taught me very patiently how to administer fluids under her skin. I did that every night for two years and had her 'til she was 5. As I retired and her medical needs mounted he made it possible for me to financially meet her medical needs until she passed away. Thank you Dr. Weber, take care of those knees, our pets need you and we need you. Bless you, Sincerely, V. Bonventre

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I had used Dr. Weber in the past and thought he was great. I recently started using him again with 5 new puppies, one I am keeping and intend to use him with my new puppy. A Great Vet.

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Carlissa Kim Wahl
I have a pet that has been to Dr. Weber and I just cannot find a better physician for my dog. He really cares for the animals he treats just like I would want to be treated when I go to my Doc. Thanks Dr. Weber.

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Mick Edmonds
Dr. Weber is a great man and DVM. His intelligence is only surpassed by his compassion.

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