Tapeworms are one of the nasty things in life. Your animals are infected with the worm by eating other animals and parasites. There are three different types of tapeworms; dipylidium caninum, taenia pisiformis and taenia taniaeformis. The dipylidium infects people, cats and dogs using the fleaís larva. The taenia infects only dogs using the rabbit, with the taeniaeformis infecting cats using the mouse or a rat.

It is very difficult to tell if you or your pet has a tapeworm. If you do have a tapeworm your tummy will rumble and make noises as if you were hungry, and sometimes you will also have a lot of gas. Most of the time we are not aware of the damage that the tapeworm is causing or has already caused. Of course, the same symptoms will be apparent in your pets as well.

Tapeworms do not lay eggs like parasites do on your animals, which make it even harder to notice them. If you suspect that you or your animal has a tapeworm you need to see a doctor or veterinarian and they will give you the necessary medication to clear it. It is not a hard process, once you have taken the medication the tapeworm will pass through your system. The animals will get a de-worming medicine that you will have to give them and their tapeworm will pass the same as it would through a human. Itís worth mentioning that in both cases, you will not see the tapeworm!

It is not very likely that a human will get a tapeworm, unless they somehow swallow a flee. It is also possible for to get a tapeworm from raw fish or sushi and from eating meat that is not properly cooked. But it is not a complicated procedure to remove them so there is no need to worry if you think you or your pet has one.

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