How To Potty Train Your Bird

Contrary to popular belief and old adages, birds are actually able to be potty trained. Birds are renowned for “using the bathroom” wherever they feel necessary- and bird owners often find it very annoying. To help make birds more pet-friendly, a simple task of potty training them is in order.

The same tactics that go into training dogs or cats can be used with birds. Essentially, a sense of positive reinforcement needs to be issued. Negative reinforcement can often bring about poor behavioural changes, so it is recommended that even the slightest negative treatment be avoided. Instead, several different programs of rewarding a bird with a treat, praise, or play time when the appropriate action is taken.

This appropriate action in question can be a number of things- anything from training the bird to only relieve itself on a perch, to even having the bird display visible signs that it will need to relieve itself before it actually does. Interestingly, birds will begin to display a sense of anxiety before reliving themselves, so that owners can provide the proper place in which to do it. The actual sign can vary from bird to bird, it can include physical movements or even certain distinct bird calls.

The important thing to remember when potty training a bird, is to never scold the bird for accidents. Accidents are bound to happen, and avoiding all of them is near impossible. A lot of the potty training comes from visible signs that are given to the owner- so it is often the fault of the owner when a bird has an accident. From time to time, birds will almost always have an accident - but the accidents are much less frequent than what an un-potty trained bird would exhibit.

Lastly, it is important to keep the same routine in mind. Stick to the same set of actions each time the bird exhibits the correct behaviour. This sense of repetitiveness will give the bird a better chance to remember the proper behaviour much more permanently, which should be the overall goal of potty training a bird.

Potty training birds are, on average, much tougher than other pets. The trick is to stay persistent, and to keep calm when accidents happen. Following the same routine day after day will eventually drill the right set of instructions into just about any bird imaginable - all that is needed is a little time and love for one’s pet bird.

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