Obesity In Cats

Just like the recent rise in obesity amongst people all across the globe, cats are now also starting to become increasingly overweight. In simple terms, it means that cats are getting less exercise and eating more, which effectively creates an excess of calories. With the excess of calories, fat starts to be stored, and our feline friends become obese.

There are a few things that owners of obese cats are doing wrong. While it is true that many cats may simply have odd metabolisms, most are being overfed. The majority of obese cat owners simply fill bowls with enough cat food to last a few days- it is certainly more convenient for the owner, but not the cat. When the cat has unlimited access to food, it will often overeat- and will more than likely retire to a cat nap rather than burn the calories in exercise.

This brings us to the next point- cats are getting much less exercise than previous years. This is due mainly to the fact that cats are becoming indoor cats, and a great amount of them will simply take cat naps for a good part of the day. Without the constant need for survival, or even the aspect of fear or excitement of the outdoors, cats are getting considerably less exercise. This isnít always true, as some families have enough free time to play with cats, which is certainly enough to help combat the prospect of obesity.

Next, the problem with cat treats has given a considerable amount of cats around the world an obese figure. The common norm is to reward cats with treats whenever necessary- while this is good sparingly, this is a poor practice on a regular basis. Cat treats are often far less nutritious than actual cat food- and an excess of calories will more than likely result. If cat treats are completely necessary, be sure to use the sparingly and perhaps provide a little exercise for the cat in order to obtain the treat.

Cat obesity is an increasingly difficult problem to treat. The vast numbers of cats that can be considered obese is rising- as much as 40% of all cats can be considered overweight. This number can be lowered through taking good care of cats- meaning good exercise, proper use of treats, and portioning out food to a good amount. If all else fails, putting the cat on a diet can do a world of good- but following these steps will ensure than it wonít have to come to that.

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