Microchipping Your Pet

You can structure fences and try and make your house as secure as possible, but the fact is that pets can somehow find any means to escape and that explains why thousands of them go missing each year. With that, as the owner you need to make sure you put certain procedures in place that make sure you have more chance of finding them.

The most revolutionary procedure is the microchip. The microchip, a tiny capsule, is injected into the petís neck. The chip contains a unique digital number that can be read by your vet via a scanner. Once this number has been identified, the information of the owner can be easily traced and the pet is safely back in their hands in no time. With collars constantly breaking or falling off, this allows pets to be retrieved a lot easier. The person who finds them simply takes the pet to the local veterinarian and then the rest is history.

Another benefit to the microchip concerns research agencies. Dog theft is becoming a common crime and research facilities are constantly being offered stolen pets to buy. However, before the research process starts, they will firstly check for a microchip. If they find one, they simply go through the process of checking the owners details before safely returning them.

Similarly, if the thief decides to sell to a normal person, the original owner still has a chance of recovering the pet. The new owner will probably take their pet to the veterinarian for a regular check up, but before this is done the vet should check for the microchip and then run it against the national database. If the new owners details are different from that stored on the database, it will be flagged and the original owner will be notified.

To conclude, the microchip is obviously a recommended option for pet owners. At an average cost of $50, it could save you a lot of heartbreak. However, just remember that it is not guaranteed to reunite you and your pet and you could still be disappointed. There is a small chance that the vet wonít check the chip, or the person who discovers your pet doesnít take them to be checked. With that, although this procedure is recommended, donít pin all of your hopes on it if your pet does go missing.

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