Hairballs In Cats

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and stepping into a slimy hairball left behind by your cat. We should probably feel flattered that our beloved companion has left behind a one-in-a-million gift for us. We should be able to bond with our pet in another way than stepping into hairy goo, though.

When cats groom and ingest the dead hair, it passes through their system and is eventually excreted. The cat’s gut is made to handle fur, and not just its own either, but that from its prey as well. When you come across a dead animal left behind by a coyote or wild dog, what is left behind from the carcass is mostly fur. With cats, when too much fur is collected in their stomachs and it fails to pass through their system, you get a hairball coming out the wrong end of your pet. Trichobezoar is the correct term to describe the hairball. The next time you have kitty with a hairball problem, go to the vet and tell him that your cat has a trichobezoar. He will probably invite you out for lunch!

The occasional hairball today and next month is nothing to jump about, but if your cat is vomiting up a hairball more than once a month, a plan of action should be executed. The first place you will rush to will probably be to your vet for an exam. It is very important that you make sure that the problem is the hairball and not something serious. When you hear the hairball hack, this is the sound cats make when they cough and try to get rid of the ball but can‘t. Coughing without letting out the hairball can be a sign of asthma, and persistent and/or frequent vomiting should immediately be checked by the vet.

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