Handling Energetic Dogs

Those who are looking to buy a puppy are probably searching for the active, playful type that will provide hours of fun and entertainment. This is often a stereotype accredited to a young dog and while it seems glamorous at first, after a while a highly active dog can get tedious. Some dogs use their excess energy for the wrong reasons and misbehave, while some owners simply wonít feel as though they can satisfy the needs of their furry friend. However, while owners may need to adopt a little more of a patient approach with these breeds, their energy can be channelled more positively and life can be made easier and more enjoyable for both owner and dog.

Of course, some owners have the opposite problem. Some owners feel as though their dog isnít active enough and is more than happy just sleeping for most of the day. The reason why some breeds are so much more active is due to their metabolism. Some breeds simply have a much higher metabolic rate, meaning that foods are processed much quicker and that means more energy is readily available. If a dog has a high amount of fats or carbohydrates in their diets then this means that the energy is going to be produced even quicker, as these are the primary energy foods. Breeds such as Border Collies, Jack Russells, types of retrievers and especially Dalmatians have faster metabolism and are therefore renowned as highly active dogs.

Having read the above, the immediate thought for some could be to alter the dogís diet. However, this is not advisable. A breed that possesses a high metabolism is likely to gain weight quickly and because of this, their diet should be kept the same and exercise should be performed to keep them healthy.

Instead, high energy dogs should simply be stimulated more often, whether this is mentally or physically. They should be taken on long walks or indulge in any other kind of prolonged exercise. Chewy toys are also a good idea, as these keep the dog mentally stimulated and they will have no complaints in trying to play and master them. The worst thing that an owner could do is leave the dog to their own devices. General exercise in the house will not be enough to keep a highly-active dog entertained and not only is this not healthy for them, but thereís a very good chance they will misbehave.

To conclude, there is no easy fix to calm a highly energetic dog down. Instead, the best way is to manage the breed, as in comply with their exercise requirements. This means having a regular schedule of prolonged exercise and not leaving them to their own devices. The dogís energy needs to be channelled in the correct way and any owner who does not possess the time to meet these demands, should consider getting a breed that is not renowned as being particularly active.

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