Dog Walking Hazards

Dog attacks are becoming common nowadays. Some owners are terrified when they pass another dog-walker, as they are either unsure over how both dogs will react to each other. With that, if a fight does break out, what can you do about it?

Well the most important thing to note is that the majority of dogs can cause serious injuries to humans. Bearing that in mind, remember not to put yourself at risk as there is a huge chance that you’ll come off worse. If you have a small dog you may be tempted to pick them up, but this is just putting both of you in an even more vulnerable position. The attacking dog could go for you as well, resulting in even more chaos.

So, what’s the best way to deal with such an attack? Well if you’re worried; try taking a deterrent whenever you take your pet for a walk. This deterrent could be anything really, from some sort of harmless spray device to a whistle. Some owners are even starting to design their own, with a can full of pebbles often proving popular as it makes an unusual noise that can break the fight up.

To prevent these sorts of scenarios from occurring, you need to familiarise your dog with other pets when they are young. This could involve taking them to a pet training school or anything just to make them relaxed around other animals. At the end of the day animals will attack either because their territory has been invaded, an intruder has got too close to their family or because they are just not familiar with the pet that is nearing them. With that, if you train your dog to be comfortable around other pets, there is a much better chance that you won’t have any problems when going on a simple walk!

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