Importance of Dog Vaccinations

You have got that lovely puppy you always wanted. It is nice and cute and is growing. You like playing with it, feeding and even taking it out for walks etc. You teach it to respond to certain things in a particular manner. But is that it? Did you ever think that you have an additional responsibility too? It is getting your dog vaccinated. Normally people tend to think that there is no need to take the pet to a veterinarian. But that is not at all true.

Vaccines are a very important part of your dog’s life. This is even more vital if it is a puppy. When puppies are fed by their mother, they get some resistance (immunity) to diseases. Yet, this lasts for only a few weeks. Being the parent of dog, it becomes your responsibility to save your dog from various threats that may even be fatal.

Some of the diseases are so deadly and tough to be treated that they need proper vaccination at an early stage. They may also be human-transferable; for example, Distemper, Rabies, Parvovirus, Hepatitis etc. Vaccines for these diseases must be given when puppy is small like 5-6 weeks of age.

These vaccines are infused either under the skin of your dog or into muscles. They may not necessarily be given in one go. Hence, it may be a proper scheduled process. This can last up to the sixteenth week. After that, your dog will be given booster doses. Some vaccines are annual, and others may be less than required.

Vaccines also depend on the breed as well as the place where you have kept your dog. In such a case, it may be exposed to some particular disease etc. The above-stated diseases are core ones. Yet some additional problems can be lyme, leptospirosis, parainfluenze etc. These diseases may spread from other dogs. If your dog does not come in contact with other dogs, then it is safer than others.

Vaccines are not decided by you. They should be given on the proper advice of a vet. Discuss about your dog with the vet. He is the one to judge and suggest that your dog needs what type of vaccinations. Also, he will draft a schedule for you, following which, you can deliver all the vaccines to your dog without any trouble. Just make sure that you follow the entire routine with care and do not give multiple vaccines at one time.

Sometimes, a particular type of breed is susceptible to various diseases. You must understand that vaccination can actually extend the life span of your puppy or dog. Just like a human baby, dogs should also get proper medication such that its immune system is very strong and tough.

You can not overlook the advantages of vaccines. They actually prevent your puppy from being a target of various fatal diseases and also strengthen the immune system of your pet. You surely love your pet, and this is the best way to show that love and care for your pet. Ensure proper and timely vaccinations from a professional or a vet and you will be adding years to the age of your pet.

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