Dog Eats Chocolate

Do you own a dog? If so, you need to know that chocolate is a definite no-no. The fact of the matter is that chocolate can make your dog very sick, and can even be lethal in some circumstances. So for this reason, keeping your dog away from chocolate is of utmost importance.

If your dog eats chocolate the first thing that you need to do is get an idea of how much it has ingested. Luckily, if a dog only eats a very small amount, such as a teaspoonful or less, it should not cause any problems (depending on its size.) Your dog may get more active and vomit, but it should not be harmed in the long run.

But on the other side of things if your dog eats an entire chocolate bar or digs into a cake, you will have a problem on your hands. The best thing to do at this point is get your dog to the vet. This way, your dog will be in the right hands while trying to get the chocolate out of their body.

Overall, dogs and chocolate do not mix. You should take every precaution that you can in order to ensure that your dog never gets in contact with chocolate.

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