Diet And Weight Control In Pets

It is a known fact that whenever a person becomes overweight and suffers from obesity, medical advice would be to ask him/her to lose the extra weight because it is proved to be a source of several ailments later in life. This opinion holds true for pets as well and the fatter they get, the greater the health risks.

Obesity proves to be a source of long term problems like osteoarthritis, heart diseases and breathing trouble too. Diabetes and cancer also has a certain correlation with fatness in pets. The vet finds it difficult to locate the heart beats or lung motions in a fat pet.

Veterinary reports confirm that out of 41 million pet dogs in the US, around 17 million weigh over normal standards. This phenomenon is attributable to two specific causes. The first one is definitely the issue of dietary irregularities. The second one could be a complete surrender of exercise. Labradors, pugs and Boston terriers are always fat prone. Belly weight is a characteristic of overweight pets - a typical feature in dogs of the breeds mentioned.

Veterinary weight tests are one of the sure shot ways of determining whether your pet is overweight or not. If the pet is discovered to be overweight then resort to the vetís advice in compiling a diet chart and a proper exercise regime under which the pet is likely to lose weight. Daily walks are always helpful for the pets in trying to burn out the excess fat. Toys might help engaging pets in resorting to some sort of activity inside the home itself.

In deciding about the essential nutritional requirements of your pet there are a few specific indices that you would have to keep in mind. These would be the weight of the pet to begin with. You would have to take into consideration its composition and metabolism rates in terms of the breed, the regular intake capacity of the pet for nutrients and vitamins according to the level of exercise and the stress it is involved with. Last but not the least your pet might just come up with the most adorable expression which might push you on to give it the desirable extra bit of snack which it is not allowed under its diet plan.

There have to be a few strict measures taken to help your pet stick to the diet plan. These can be enumerated as:

  • Try and not teach the pet to beg for food. This helps in long term when you are trying to help it lose its weight.
  • Follow the vetís diet and do not let untimely snack meals ruin it for your pet. Stick to meal timings and do not present food in front of it any other time.
  • The pet should be taken out for daily and regular walks.
  • There is healthy pet food available in the market which helps in controlling fat enhancing elements.
  • Try and bring down stress levels of the pet.

Soon before you know pets will have their own diet programs and your worries along with the petís health concerns will disappear.

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